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Rise into your heart

A self healing journey

A 5-week one-on-one immersive experience with San Pasuchil and Khem Reyall. This is an intimate transformative experience with the intention of deepening your connection to self and rising into your heart.


During this 5 week immersion you will learn self-healing tools, protection practices, work with plant allies and experience the loving energies of Light Language, Sound Healing, and Sekhem Energy Healing. 


This immersion is available to everyone on

a sliding scale rate of $333-1111.


 San Pasuchil and Khem Reyall are honored to be able to offer the community this special 5-week healing experience at a sliding scale price beginning January 2021. This offering starts in January will be available for all of 2021. We trust that you will honor our time and our energy by offering what you can for our services. Please contact us for payment plans and options. Thank you. 

*Everyone is required to fill out an application form that helps us determine if we are adequate to assist you in your healing journey.*

This is for you if you’re:


  •  looking for guidance into self

  • looking for a safe space

  • seeking a healing and transformative experience

  • Longing for ceremony and ritual

  • looking to find your roots and ancestral connection

  • interested in connecting with plant spirits

  •  being called to work with Sound Healing and Movement

About San Pasuchil


Sandra unlocked her ancient wisdom of Light Language during a journey with Mother Ayahuasca. During this life-changing journey, she was able to channel & reawaken the majestic spirit of the mother of cleansing waters. These sacred waters transmit healing vibrations while sharing light coded sounds that unlock, cleanse, and restore your DNA, so that you may harmonize once again with your highest expression of love.


About Khem Reyall


In Khem’s personal awakening was the encouragement of her Spirit Guides calling her to use her voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. Khem has been exploring her gifts since the age of 13. She has always been passionate about sharing her practices and channeled wisdom with her community. Khem's ability to tap into the Spirit world was a gift she was born with, and it has allowed her to hear the voices of nature, ancient goddess/gods, light codes, and the songs that flow through the ethers. 

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