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Keepers of the Womb: a virtual retreat that will guide you deep into your womb - a space of true liberation, with the intention of reclaiming your story, purpose, and power.

Sisters healing sisters.


During our Keepers of the Womb Virtual Day Retreat, we will gather in ceremony and journey deep into our Wombs. Together we will learn powerful practices and useful tools that will help us connect to unconditional love and sisterhood. These tools will aid you in your own personal awakening, and will further inspire you to express your authentic truth! 


This will be a full-day, online retreat! You will receive access to a Private Virtual Portal full of videos and much more! We will also gather LIVE via Zoom for our Sisterhood Temple Ceremony & Closing Ceremony.



We gather as 'Women, Womxn, Wmn'

Welcoming Cis and Non-Binary female-bodied beings, all those who identify as woman.

We welcome diverse backgrounds from all walks of life who wish to gather.

We can't wait to gather with you, GODDESS! 

Your Sacred Sisterhood.

June 27, 2021
  • Rise with the Sun

  • Pre-recorded Opening Ceremony to start the day

  • 2:30 pm - Sisterhood Temple LIVE Zoom Call


    7:30 pm - Song Circle & Closing Ceremony LIVE Zoom Call

We will gather live 2 times via Zoom during our day together, and you will also receive access to a virtual portal full of videos and practices. All Zoom calls will be recorded & can be downloaded.

Colorful Flowers

this Goddess Retreat is for you if you...

+wish to journey deep into your Womb Space

+are ready to strengthen your relationship with the Elements

+seek a healing and transformative experience

+are longing for ceremony and ritual

+are ready to be seen in your authentic expression

+seek a supporting & loving Sisterhood

Online Meditation
Keepers of the Womb Virtual Retreat


Energy Exchange - $155


This includes:

  • Access to our Private Virtual Portal.

  • 2 LIVE Zoom calls.

  • A Mystery Box that will be delivered to you! Each box contains Goddess tools that will aid and support you during our Virtual Retreat.

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for questions, discussions, and lots of love!


Your Guides












Khem Reyall is a Sekhem Sound Healer, Songstress, and Artist from Danbury, CT. In her personal awakening was the encouragement of her Spirit Guides calling to her to use her voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. Khem has been exploring her gifts since the age of 13. She has always been passionate about sharing her practices and channeled wisdom with her community. Khem's ability to tap into the Spirit world was a gift she was born with, and it has allowed her to hear the voices of nature, ancient goddess/gods, light codes and the songs that flow through the ethers. 


Khem enrolled as a student at Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock, New York in 2017. Khem later received credentials under Diane Ruth Shewmaker who was taught by Patrick Ziegler, founder of the organization for All Love Sekhem Healing & Teaching in our modern age. Khem has also received teachings from Achintya Devi, John Beaulieu, Mackenzie Madrone, Mary Isis, Don Tito LaRosa, and many more amazing practitioners from around the world.

Kasie Bubenicek is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer and the owner of The Art of Healing. Kasie is honored to offer a uniquely sacred experience by awakening healing in all those who wish to connect with their Higher Self. Kasie is very connected to her intuitive body and receives guidance from her ancestors and spirit guides. This gift allows her to deeply connect to all the beautiful souls that surround her. Kasie is excited to share the gifts of Automatic Writing and how to be a vessel of pure communication.

Cydney Johnson as a well woman practitioner began when she decided to actively pursue a work that uplifts all life on this planet on a daily basis. She decided to train as a birth doula, and then continue her education of fertility awareness, natural childbirth, conscious conception and women's internal wellness by embarking upon the journey of midwifery with Indie Birth Midwifery School, dabbling into herbalism and nutrition through food for the pre-conception, prenatal, birthing, and postpartum person, and earning my certificate as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with Woman's Choice Perinatal Services. 

Her personal journey with exploring the wellness of her whole body, and especially womb, has come a long way but is ever continuing.  Cydney believes that through the opening of her heart and mind, she has been blessed with the gift of self awareness.  She has come to accept and respect that we do have the power and resources to assess our own health and well-being.  These resources lie within us, our bodies, and around us, within Mother Earth. She wishes to invite you on this same path of commitment to self discovery. It awaits you.