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Day 1

Left foot leads the way! The left foot in Ancient Egypt symbolized the fertility goddess, Isis, and represented life and new beginnings. 


Every morning before you step out of bed, intentionally place your left foot on the ground first and take your first step with your left leg.  

The left side of your body is where the heart is. The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you stepped with the left foot, you allowed your heart to lead the way.

Spinal Breathing Meditation

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Meditation is a method of relaxing the body and focusing the mind. It is a tool that may be used for self–healing and for spiritual realization. As all disease is understood in Ayurveda to ultimately be caused by forgetting our true nature as spirit, meditation plays an important role in helping us to remember and is a part of the deep healing process.


There are many forms of meditation. Most fall into four groups: deep relaxation, prayer, contemplation, and mantra meditation. However, additional meditations exist for specific purposes, such as physical and subtle body healing. Within each category of meditation, there are many methods.

Benefits of Meditation 

1. Creates a deep sense of inner peace 

2. Stabilizes the mood 

3. Reduces anxiety and depression 

4. Lowers blood pressure 

5. Enhances the immune function 

The body may be in the following positions: 

Sitting cross-legged 

Sitting in a chair with both feet flat on the ground 

Sitting in a chair with the ankles crossed 


The hands may be in the following positions: 

Chin mudra : Palms up, thumb and index finger together 

Yoni mudra: Fingers interlaced in the lap with the two index fingers and two thumbs touching

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