Meet Khem Reyall

Khem Reyall is a Sekhem Sound Healer, Songstress, and Artist from Sherman, CT. In her personal awakening was the encouragement of her Spirit Guides calling to her to use her voice and creative gifts to spread love and light.

To specify her background, she embarked upon her healing path by enrolling as a student at Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock, New York. Khem later received credentials under Diane Ruth Shewmaker who was taught by Patrick Ziegler, founder of the organization for All Love Sekhem Healing & Teaching in our modern age. Khem has continued to listen to the voice of her intuition to guide her on her unique journey.

Khem’s practice includes sharing the energy system of Sekhem Sound Healing through Sound Baths, Guided Meditations, and private one-on-one sessions. She also focuses on gathering her community for Spiritual Retreats, Song Circles, and prayer.

Khem's main goal is to continue sharing infinite frequencies of love!

All love, blessed be.

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