The root of my personal awakening was the encouragement of my Spirit Guides, calling me to use my voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. 

 I embarked upon my healing path at 13 years old when I had the awareness that I was suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I began my spiritual journey by seeking God, and this led me to devotional worship through song and dance at my local Christian church. It was here that I came to deeply understand the love of Great Spirit and the power of faith. I eventually left the church and chose the religion of LOVE, which was much more encompassing and less denominational; I began to educate myself on other cultures, and philosophies. 

At 16 years old I began to meditate, and this marked the beginning of my remembrance journey. 

I began to have memories of my lifetimes in Egypt, Central America, and Asia, and that opened the door to reconnection with my soul mission.

 These memories led me to begin my studies and healing with sound meditation, prayer, dance, and song. 

Over time, and with lots of support, I've alchemized a life that is deeply connected, joyful, and intentional.

Therein this, I pray to be used by Great Spirit to share the teachings of LOVE, in hopes to bring you back to your ultimate truth. I hope to be a vessel of the light of the sacred for those lost, searching, expanding in their personal journey, as we walk this life path together.




I’d love to hear your story, too!

My training

To the beautiful guides, teachers, and friends that have led me on my path- Thank you!

Pastor Moises Borges

Philip & Lea Garnier 

Beth Ylvisaker

Achinthya Devi & Ameya Devi

Don Tito de la Rosa

John Beaulieu


Rebecca Singer


Diane Ruth Shoemaker


Mackenzie Madrone


Patrick Ziegler


Laura Parker


Chief Lessert Moore